The Four Factors That Control Your Managerial Effectiveness

Group of People in a Meeting

In deciding what makes an effective manager, there are four main elements to consider and not all them are directly controlled by the manager concerned. They areĀ Helotes Wildlife Removal, YOU, YOUR JOB, THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH and YOUR ORGANISATION.


You bring your own knowledge, skills, abilities, talents and experience to the job you do as boss and these things will have an effect on how successful you can be in your role. Managers with increased expertise can often remember the mistakes they made as a newbie and thus appreciate how their now-seasoned abilities can improve their job performance.

Your job

The actual position you hold and the job you do in its own duties and responsibilities will influence your ability to be an effective manager, since it might be a good or bad match for your skills and abilities.

The people you work with

Other employees have a major influence on managerial effectiveness. People are important if a manager wishes to achieve the work he/she has to do. To a certain extent, effectiveness is measured by how well the manager concerned can motivate people and coordinate their efforts to achieve best performance. However, in many settings, a more realistic appraisal of management function is that managers are dependent upon their employees to get work done, so effectiveness will be determined by the skills, abilities and willingness of those people.

Your organisation

Organisational structure and where you’re within it will affect the quantity of authority you can wield and the duties you are expected to have the ability to handle. It can also specify limits to what is achievable. Additionally, your organisation’s corporate culture, with its unwritten norms of behavior and methods of functioning, will influence your ability to become an effective manager.

So it is not sufficient to simply improve your knowledge of management methods to improve your effectiveness. These techniques have to be tempered by an understanding of these four variables to be able to become practically useful in the corporate workplace.

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